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Web Application Development is mainly designed and developed to automate a routine process which is carried out in day to day business hours. Web Applications can make your working environment so friendly that you would enjoy working with these applications. Web applications are mainly targeted at implementing system in place for all your multitasking activities in a nutshell.

Web Application Development Process:

As and when the email is received from our prospect requesting for quote for an exclusive web application, we start the following process to develop a successful web application product:

  • Request for User Requirement Document from prospect (URD)
  • Analyse the document and prepare Scope of the project
  • Scope shall cover our understanding, clarifications, suggestions, technical specification
  • Once the scope is approved, we shall send quote to the client
  • Once the quote is agreed and some initial upfront fee is released, we proceed with the next step
  • Next we send the wireframe of the design to get the approval
  • Once the wireframe is approved we shall go ahead with the development process Status report would be sent on frequent intervals to keep the client in the project loop

    We offers the following Web Application Services:

  • Online Inventory Management Solution
  • Web based Content Management Solution
  • Photo Gallery Management System
  • Online Advertising Management Solution
  • Lead Management Solution
  • Online Car Booking System
  • Travel and Reservation Module System
  • Online Service Management Solution
  • Hotel Management Solution
  • Customer Relationship Management Solution